Sculpture murale porcelaine et or


Créer des lignes, des creux, des formes qui habiteront le vide, pour transmettre à la matière une émotion.

It is in uniqueness, its repetition and the visible or invisible links of natural and living elements that Sophie draws her inspiration. As much seduced by the idea of the collective multiplying the potential of the individual, as by the power of the connection that unites everything. His sculptures play on the multiplication of line and simple form to achieve complex, delicate and organic structures.

In this process, she adopts an instinctive and impulsive approach, strongly contrasted by a meticulousness borrowed from the gestures of the craftsman, mastered, precise, repetitive and laborious, imbued with know-how acquired from experience and the passage of time.

To support her idiom, Sophie works in the contrast of matter, texture and colors, which she develops to create a poetic balance. She chose to work mainly with porcelain and black sandstone for the contrasts they reveal: the purity, finesse and fragility of porcelain and the very great hardness and resistance to aggression of sandstone.

Each element of his creations is meticulously hand-sculpted, so that no sculpture is identical. A work that leads to organic and spontaneous works, with a unique visual dimension.

Collection "Végétale"

Collection « Végétale »

Collection « Tissu de porcelaine »

Collection de sculpture murale « horizons »