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Ensemble de gobelets

Tame the 3 elements: water, earth, fire. to animate the eyes and the heart of those who take the time to lay their gaze or their hand there.

My first crush on ceramics took place more than 30 years ago when I met and observed a potter at work during my studies in visual art at the Saint-Luc Institute in Belgium. I was fascinated by the precision of his gestures, captivated by the movement of the lathe and seduced by the touch of the material and the pieces that appeared.

After several years of practice in different workshops, various training courses, a few exhibitions and finally my course at the Bonsecours ceramic school in Montreal, my ceramic work today testifies to my attraction for an aesthetic of organic form, line, repetition and chromatic nuances. An aesthetic where the meeting of material and deformation become the subtle elegance that gives each piece its uniqueness.

Located on Mount Shefford, in Estrie, I make each piece by hand in an artisanal way.

Atelier de poterie de Sophie Manessiez à Shefford


Niché au creux des bois et baigné de lumière, la création y est propice et riche, j’aime y travailler chaque jour au calme.

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  • Sophie Manessiez, artisan céramiste
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