Sophie Manessiez

Sophie ManessiezSophie Manenessiez is a ceramic artist from France. She has lived and worked in Quebec for 14 years. She has traveled a diverse career path. After studying visual arts and communications, she pursued a professional career in events. She discovered her passion for ceramics more than 20 years ago.

It was in 2007 that she decided to devote herself fully to ceramics. Sophie follows several training courses in various workshops in France and Quebec. She obtained her diploma in ceramic craft techniques in 2021 in Montreal. Participant in various group exhibitions in Quebec, Ontario and the United States, member of the Quebec crafts council and the Corporation of Quebec crafts in Estrie, Sophie has received various awards and recognition for her creations ceramics.

After several years of practice, training and study, the ceramist is now developing her own body of contemporary works. His ceramic work demonstrates his attraction to an aesthetic of organic form, line, and repetition, where the meeting of material and form embodies the subtle delicacy that gives each piece its uniqueness. Sophie's workshop is located on Mount Shefford, in Estrie, nestled in the woods and bathed in light. Creation is conducive to this.

L'atelier de Sophie