Artistic approach

Sensitive to touch, to the multiple facets of textures, to the play of light on the reliefs of materials, I work with the earth and explore the multiple aesthetic possibilities that this medium offers. My artistic approach is a dialogue between my observations and interpretations of the collective multiplying the potential of uniqueness and material. I am interested in how different perceptions of a subject are expressed.

My sculptures play on the multiplication of lines or simple shapes, resulting in complex, delicate and organic structures. It is in unity, repetition, the movement of visible or invisible links that my research evolves.

My creative process is an integral part of the final work: I interact with the material, I explore its character, I tame its brutality and with my hand I push it to its limits, to extract its delicacy. I repeat this gesture, its meticulousness, its precision, its efficiency until I obtain a rhythm where time no longer counts. I mix a natural instinctive and impulsive impulse, strongly contrasted by the precise attention of the repetitive and controlled gesture. It is the duality of this dialogue which places the work in timelessness.

From the clay, I create a new material, in movement, fluid, rich in nuances. It is in the contrast of porcelain and stoneware, their textures, that my artistic language develops. I create a soothing poetic balance, revealing the subtle fragile emotions of the material, in a unique visual dimension.